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Border Terrier dog breed - photos and description

Photos of the breed

Border Terrier

Main characteristics of the breed

Care:Virtually do not need care
Molt:Shed moderately
Need for activity:Virtually do not need physical activity
Tolerance of loneliness:Moderately addicted
Type of wool:Wirehaired
Friendly to strangers:Restrained
Intellect:Working intelligence
Learnability:Easy to learn
Specialization:Companions, Hunting
Tendency to bark:Bark only for warning, not for long

The name Border Terrier comes from a combination of the English words translated as "border" and "burial dog." It is also known as the Border Terrier or Border Terrier. This dog is small, long-legged and has a rough coat. Thanks to this, she can crawl into any hole, catch up with horses and run under them. This dog is strong, resilient, agile and fearless.

Today, Border Terriers are rarely used for hunting, but they have retained their qualities as working dogs. These dogs are popular as companions. These are energetic, strong and cheerful real terriers. These pets are ideal for owners who lead an active lifestyle. They are smart, non-aggressive and great with children.

A balanced, cheerful character, responsiveness and sociability make border dogs suitable for canistherapy. These dogs are able to lift your spirits and give smiles. Border collies are used to help the deaf and mute and search for missing people. Border Terriers also perform well in agility.
The Border Terrier is a cheerful and sociable dog, intelligent and quick-witted. Since they are small and unpretentious, they can be kept in city apartments.
However, this dog is not for everyone. She needs an active owner who can provide her with sufficient physical activity.
The Border Terrier is an active, strong and fearless dog. However, at home they turn into good-natured, affectionate and sociable pets. The Border Terrier is cheerful, playful and always on the move. This dog is curious and shows interest in everything. They can jump and climb anywhere, dig under fences and run away to explore the world around them.

She's not aggressive at all. He is friends with all family members, becomes attached to them and always tries to be close. He is friendly to strangers, but is not afraid to rush to his owner’s defense at any moment. Despite their small size, they are territorial.
Border Terriers get along well with children, but only with schoolchildren. They enjoy playing, running and frolicking with children. They are patient, but will not tolerate rude disrespect or pulling out fur or tail. They do not bite, but they do harbor a grudge and may even begin to take revenge. Therefore, you should not leave your dog alone with small children.

Border Terriers are friendly with other dogs and do not get into conflict. However, if necessary, they are ready to stand up for themselves. Due to its natural tendency to catch rodents, it does not prefer rodents, but gets along well with cats in the house.

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