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Greenland Dog dog breed - photos and description

Photos of the breed

Greenland Dog

Main characteristics of the breed

Care:Need regular care
Molt:Sheds heavily seasonally
Need for activity:Need a lot of physical activity
Tolerance of loneliness:Relatively independent
Type of wool:Medium, Wirehaired
Friendly to strangers:Restrained
Intellect:Instinctive intelligence
Learnability:Difficult to learn
Specialization:Hunting, Companions
Tendency to bark:Bark only for warning, not for long, They love to howl

The Greenland Dog, also known as the Greenland Sled Dog or the Greenland Husky, is one of the largest and strongest dog breeds in the world. This dog was bred to work in the harsh conditions of the Arctic, where it was used to transport goods and people on sleds.
Greenland dogs have long, thick coats that protect them from the cold. They also have large paws and tails that help them balance on ice and snow.
These dogs are very intelligent and can carry out various commands of their owners. They are also known for their loyalty and love for their owners.
However, Greenland dogs require a lot of attention and care. They need regular exercise and exercise to stay healthy and active. Also, they can be quite noisy and energetic, which can be a problem for some people.

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