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Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Korthals dog breed - photos and description

Photos of the breed

Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Korthals

Main characteristics of the breed

Care:Need regular care
Molt:Shed moderately
Need for activity:Need a lot of physical activity
Tolerance of loneliness:Relatively independent
Type of wool:Medium, Wirehaired
Friendly to strangers:Fairly friendly
Intellect:Instinctive intelligence
Learnability:Difficult to learn
Specialization:Hunting, Companions
Tendency to bark:They love to bark, They love to howl

Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Korthals is a versatile dog. French Wirehaired Griffon, French Wirehaired Lioness and Wirehaired Pointer Griffon. Outside of France, this breed is little known and rare.
  Experts call them the best hunters and can work in any conditions. However, nowadays griffons are more often bred as companions. They can participate in rescue and search operations, as well as in dog sports.
It is a hunting dog, but also an excellent guard dog. She becomes attached to her owner and has strong territorial instincts. Therefore, he will protect the owner’s property and will not allow strangers into his territory. Pointer Griffons are not aggressive, but are suspicious of strangers.

This is an affectionate, good-natured and cheerful dog towards family members. They become very attached to their owners. They are reserved and patient with children and love to play. If children do not provoke the dog, they become best friends. Other pets may be perceived as prey.
These dogs are smart, quick-witted and obedient. With the right approach, they are easy to train and learn complex commands and tricks. They can be stubborn and independent at times, especially the males. It is necessary to be decisive, but communication with pets must be polite. Griffons will not tolerate rude treatment or rudeness.

The breed requires early socialization. Already at three months of age, they should be accustomed to strangers, other animals, street noise and cars. Training should be regular and consistent.
French Cortals Griffons can be kept in apartments, but they feel more comfortable in private houses with a garden plot. As a family dog, it should not be kept in a crate or on a leash. They need companionship from their owner and can become nervous or spoiled if left alone.

Regardless of ownership type, they need to be walked for at least two to three hours a day. Outdoor games and jogging are desirable. If you live in a city, they need to be taken out into nature several times a week. Due to their strong hunting instinct, they can run after birds and cats.
The Corthals Griffon is a medium-sized hunting dog with an expressive appearance. They are active, unpretentious and calm. With enough attention and proper training, he will become a faithful companion.

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