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White Swiss Shepherd Dog dog breed - photos and description

Pictures of the breed

Dog of breed

The main features of the breed

Care:Need regular care
Molt:Sheds heavily seasonally
Need for activity:Need vigorous daily exercise
Domination:Lowest level
Tolerance of loneliness:They really need people
Type of wool:Wirehaired
Friendly to strangers:Restrained
Intellect:Working intelligence
Learnability:Very easy to learn
Specialization:Watch dogs, Companions, Shepherd's, Service
Tendency to bark:Bark only for warning, not for long, They love to howl

The White Swiss Shepherd is a breed of dog bred in Switzerland. They have a strong build and long white hair. Their character is distinguished by high intelligence, devotion and activity. White Swiss Shepherds are highly trainable and can be used as guards or companions. They are also known for their ability to work as a team, making them ideal for police or rescue work.