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Himalayan cat breed - photos and description

Photos of the breed


Main characteristics of the breed

Need for activity:Need a lot of physical activity
Tail type:Long
Ear type:Straight-eared
Character:Powerful and proud, Calm
Tolerance of loneliness:They really need people
Type of wool:Semi - long - haired
Learnability:Easy to learn
Склонность к мяуканью:Often meows
Relationship with owner:Episodic

The Himalayan cat is a cat breed that was bred in the US in the 1970s. It has a long, slender body, fluffy tail and long hair.
Himalayan cats are very friendly and affectionate, they love to play with people and other animals. They are also very intelligent and are easily taught commands.
This cat breed is hypoallergenic, so it can be a good choice for people who are allergic to animal dander. However, Himalayan cats require regular grooming as the coat can become very thick and tangled.
All in all, Himalayan cats are wonderful pets that can make great companions for their owners.

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