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White Swiss Shepherd Dog dog breed - photos and description

Photos of the breed

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Main characteristics of the breed

Care:Need regular care
Molt:Sheds heavily seasonally
Need for activity:Need vigorous daily exercise
Domination:Lowest level
Tolerance of loneliness:They really need people
Type of wool:Wirehaired
Friendly to strangers:Restrained
Intellect:Working intelligence
Learnability:Very easy to learn
Specialization:Watch dogs, Companions, Shepherd's, Service
Tendency to bark:Bark only for warning, not for long, They love to howl

  The White Swiss Shepherd is a large, beautiful working dog. They are cheerful, sociable, loyal and intelligent. They are similar in appearance to a German Shepherd, but are pure white in color. They are calmer and friendlier in nature and are easy to train. These are universal service dogs and companion dogs. The description of the breed allows you to learn more about the White Swiss Shepherd, its strengths and weaknesses, and the characteristics of its maintenance. Before getting such a dog, you should study the reviews of the owners, watch photos and videos.
The name of the breed is associated with a single coat color and country of origin. It is also called the American-Canadian White Shepherd because such dogs were originally common in North America. The breed was registered by the Swiss Shepherd Association in conjunction with the Swiss Shepherd Association.

The ancestor of the White Swiss Shepherd is the German Shepherd. History is silent about where the white color came from. Legend has it that the Swiss Shepherd is descended from the white polar wolf.
This legend has not been proven.
Unlike the German Shepherd, the Swiss Shepherd is gentle and mild-mannered, with a balanced temperament. They are not aggressive or timid, not intrusive and know how to suppress their emotions.

The White Swiss Shepherd prefers people. The White Swiss Shepherd shows strong affection for its owner and all family members. They easily find a common language with children and elderly people and adapt to the peculiarities of their lifestyle. They are loyal companions, always try to be close to their owner, participate in all events and carry out assignments.

These dogs sense people's moods. They love affection, but are not intrusive. They like to “talk”: they can express their mood with various sounds. This breed may bark and whine, as well as whimper, moan and howl.

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