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Missing cats (missing) in Sukhumi, Abkhazia, Georgia

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Missing Семен,Домашняя
Distance: 97,036 м
Breed: ДомашняяNickname: СеменDetails ...
Distance: 273,656 м
Breed: ДомашняяColor: grey stripedDetails ...
Distance: 283,339 м
Missing: 4/4/2023, 1:06:05 PMBreed: домашняяColor: BlackDetails ...
Missing Марик
Distance: 360,006 м
Color: Black and whiteNickname: МарикDetails ...
Missing Барсик,домашняя
Distance: 493,938 м
Breed: домашняяColor: Black and whiteNickname: БарсикDetails ...
Missing,British shorthair
Distance: 521,458 м
Breed: British shorthairColor: WhiteDetails ...
Missing Анар
Distance: 530,547 м
Color: вислоухийNickname: АнарDetails ...
Missing,Scottish straight
Distance: 602,989 м
Breed: Scottish straightColor: BlueDetails ...
Missing,British shorthair
Distance: 671,216 м
Missing: 3/23/2023, 4:22:36 PMBreed: British shorthairColor: пепел-белыйDetails ...
Missing Кузя
Distance: 689,388 м
Color: grey stripedNickname: КузяDetails ...
Missing,Outbred cats
Distance: 697,226 м
Breed: Outbred catsColor: BlackDetails ...
Missing мия,British shorthair
Distance: 822,782 м
Breed: British shorthairColor: BlueNickname: мияDetails ...
Missing,British longhair
Distance: 906,895 м
Breed: British longhairColor: grey stripedDetails ...
Distance: 909,812 м
Missing: 3/27/2023, 6:32:17 PMColor: серый с белымDetails ...
Missing Тишка,British shorthair
Distance: 913,679 м
Breed: British shorthairColor: BlackNickname: ТишкаDetails ...