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Manchester Terrier dog breed - photos and description

Pictures of the breed

Dog of breed

The main features of the breed

Care:Need a little care
Need for activity:Need some exercise
Tolerance of loneliness:Relatively independent
Type of wool:Long - haired
Friendly to strangers:Restrained
Intellect:Adaptive intelligence
Learnability:relatively easy to learn
Specialization:Watch dogs
Tendency to bark:They love to bark

The Manchester Terrier is a small dog breed that originated in Great Britain in the 19th century. These dogs have short coats and come in a variety of colors including black, brown, white and red. Manchester Terriers are known for their friendly and playful nature, as well as their ability to be trained and obedient. They can be great companions for children and adults, and can also make great house or apartment guards. Despite their small size, Manchester Terriers have a strong and confident appearance that makes them attractive to many dog lovers.