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Bernese Mountain Dog dog breed - photos and description

Photos of the breed

Bernese Mountain Dog

Main characteristics of the breed

Care:Need regular care
Molt:Shedding constantly
Need for activity:Need a moderate amount of exercise
Domination:Lowest level
Tolerance of loneliness:Moderately addicted
Type of wool:Long - haired
Friendly to strangers:Restrained
Intellect:Working intelligence
Learnability:relatively easy to learn
Specialization:Companions, Service, Sled dogs
Tendency to bark:Bark only for warning, not for long

The Bernese Shepherd (Bernese Mountain Dog) is a very affectionate, obedient and devoted friend. The Bernese Shepherd is an affectionate and infinitely intelligent breed, but at the same time it is not “dry” and can show its emotions. This breed is a typical family dog. By the way, despite the fact that the Mountain Dog is not considered an ideal nanny dog, it is lenient towards children, has a slight sense of superiority and does not react aggressively to evil antics.
   Children and Bernese Mountain Dog
Juveniles are curious, a little carefree and allow themselves to be fooled around, but do not overreact. Mature, experienced dogs are calmer and phlegmatic. This calm and collected giant does not give in to cats crossing the road or other simple provocations. The Bernese Mountain Dog loves to play as a helper, guide and guard. They can carry small purchases for their owners or protect them from other dogs. If you teach them to sled, they will be happy to carry children. Bernese are fearless, and their fearlessness gets them into trouble. The breed often performs unnecessary tricks, such as jumping from balconies, which can end badly for the dog.
   In general, the Mountain Dog is patient, affectionate, and respectful of people. When it comes to respect, the Bernese Shepherd is non-aggressive and gentle with strangers, but does not show much affection. The Bernese Shepherd shows the greatest respect to family members. Of course, this does not mean that the dog does not listen to other people. However, the pet is not so willing to carry out the commands of the “secondary” owner.
Despite the slight laziness and love of sleep that regularly befall representatives of this breed, Bernese gladly take part in outdoor games. However, due to their nature, they do not like to have fun for too long.

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