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Russian Black Terrier dog breed - photos and description

Photos of the breed

Russian Black Terrier

Main characteristics of the breed

Care:Most difficult to maintain
Molt:Shed moderately
Need for activity:Need a lot of physical activity
Tolerance of loneliness:Independent
Type of wool:Medium
Friendly to strangers:May show aggression
Intellect:Working intelligence
Learnability:Very easy to learn
Specialization:Companions, Watch dogs, Service
Tendency to bark:Almost don't bark, quiet ones

The Black Russian Terrier is a dog breed developed in Russia in the 1950s. This dog is one of the largest breeds in the world, reaching a weight of up to 80 kg and a height of up to 75 cm at the withers.
The Black Russian Terrier has a thick black coat that can be smooth or wavy. This breed is distinguished by a strong and muscular physique, as well as large paws and powerful jaws.
One of the features of this breed is its ability to learn. The Black Russian Terrier is very easy to train and can be used as a guard or work assistant.
This breed is also distinguished by its devotion and love for its owners. The Black Russian Terrier is ready to protect its owner and his family from any danger.
All in all, the Black Russian Terrier is an excellent breed for those looking for a large and strong guard or work dog. This breed requires a lot of attention and care, but it will definitely become a true friend and reliable assistant for its owners.

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