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Majorca Shepherd Dog dog breed - photos and description

Photos of the breed

Majorca Shepherd Dog

Main characteristics of the breed

Care:Need a little care
Molt:Sheds very little or almost no shedding
Need for activity:Need vigorous daily exercise
Tolerance of loneliness:They really need people
Type of wool:Shorthaired
Friendly to strangers:May show aggression
Intellect:Adaptive intelligence
Learnability:relatively easy to learn
Specialization:Shepherd's, Watch dogs
Tendency to bark:They love to bark

The Majorca Shepherd Dog is a dog breed that originated in the Balearic Islands and is known for its loyalty and devotion. These dogs have a muscular build, with long legs and a tail that can reach the ground. The Majora's coat is short and smooth, usually black or brown.
Major Shepherds are very energetic and active, making them ideal for working as guard dogs or as companions for people with an active lifestyle. They can also be good helpers for farmers, as they can help with work in the fields and gardens.
These dogs are highly intelligent and easy to learn commands. They also get along well with children and other animals if raised properly. However, Majors can be aggressive towards strangers and require constant supervision and socialization with adults.

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