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Missing dogs (lostie) in the city Dzüünharaa, Алтанбулаг, Mongolia

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Found,Siberian Husky
Distance: 411,322 м
Breed: Siberian HuskyColor: Black and whiteDetails ...
Found,Labrador Retriever
Distance: 411,992 м
Breed: Labrador RetrieverColor: белый с рыжими ушамиDetails ...
Found Арчи,Labrador Retriever
Distance: 414,681 м
Breed: Labrador RetrieverColor: BlackNickname: АрчиDetails ...
Found,Russkiy Toy
Distance: 1,199,302 м
Breed: Russkiy ToyDetails ...
Distance: 1,201,723 м
Breed: метисColor: белый с бежевымDetails ...
Found,Russkiy Toy
Distance: 1,212,113 м
Breed: Russkiy ToyColor: GingerDetails ...
Distance: 1,214,309 м
Color: WhiteDetails ...
Found,East-Siberian Laika
Distance: 1,221,770 м
Breed: East-Siberian LaikaColor: WhiteDetails ...
Distance: 1,221,904 м
Breed: ChihuahuaColor: Red-and-whiteDetails ...
Found,French Bulldog
Distance: 1,223,296 м
Breed: French BulldogColor: коровкаDetails ...
Found Локки,Siberian Husky
Distance: 1,419,018 м
Breed: Siberian HuskyNickname: ЛоккиDetails ...
Found Буч
Distance: 1,521,992 м
Color: Red-and-whiteNickname: БучDetails ...
Distance: 1,524,717 м
Breed: DachshundDetails ...
Distance: 1,527,770 м
Color: Черный-рыжийDetails ...
Found Рекс
Distance: 1,654,182 м
Color: черно-коричневыйNickname: РексDetails ...