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Irish Red and White Setter dog breed - photos and description

Photos of the breed

Irish Red and White Setter

Main characteristics of the breed

Care:Need regular care
Molt:Sheds heavily seasonally
Need for activity:Need a moderate amount of exercise
Tolerance of loneliness:They really need people
Type of wool:Medium, Fluffy
Friendly to strangers:Fairly friendly
Intellect:Working intelligence
Learnability:Very easy to learn
Specialization:Companions, Hunting
Tendency to bark:Almost don't bark, quiet ones

The Irish Red and White Setter is a dog breed that originated in Ireland. She is one of the best hunting breeds in the world. This dog has a long body, short legs and a tail that can be either lowered or raised.
The Irish Red and White Setter has bright red coats on the head and neck, and white patches on the chest and legs. This breed has very expressive eyes and ears.
This dog breed is very active and energetic and loves to play and run. They are also very smart and easy to train. Irish Red and White Setters are very social dogs, they love being around their owners and interacting with other animals.
If you are looking for a dog to hunt or just be friends with, then the Irish Red and White Setter might be the perfect choice. This breed of dog has many advantages, including their high activity, intelligence and friendliness.

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