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Ragamuffin cat breed - pictures and description

Pictures of the breed


The main features of the breed

Need for activity:Need a moderate amount of exercise
Tail type:Long
Ear type:Straight-eared
Character:Playful, Curious
Tolerance of loneliness:Moderately addicted
Type of wool:Long - haired
Learnability:Easy to learn
Relationship with owner:friendly, Open

Ragamuffins love to spend time with people and other animals, and often make great companions for their owners.
In addition, ragamuffins have high intelligence and trainability. They pick up commands easily and can be trained to perform various tricks.
However, like any other cat breed, ragamuffins have their own character traits. Some of them may be more active and playful, while others may be more laid back and lazy.
Ragamuffins can become great friends for their owners and bring joy and comfort to their lives.