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Chinese Crested Dog dog breed - photos and description

Pictures of the breed

Dog of breed

The main features of the breed

Care:Need a little care
Molt:Sheds very little or almost no shedding
Need for activity:Virtually do not need physical activity
Tolerance of loneliness:Moderately addicted
Type of wool:Shorthaired, Smoothhaired
Friendly to strangers:Fairly friendly
Intellect:Working intelligence
Learnability:Very easy to learn
Tendency to bark:They love to bark

The Chinese Crested is a dog breed that is known for its unique appearance and personality. It has smooth, hairless skin that comes in a variety of colors and shades, from white to black. The head of this breed is apple-shaped, and the ears are large and drooping. The eyes of the Chinese Crested are usually round and large, with dark lids.
The nature of this breed is very friendly and affectionate. Chinese Cresteds are very sociable and love to be in the company of people. They are also very smart and easy to train. These dogs love to play and spend time with their owners.
Caring for the Chinese Crested is not difficult. Her skin has no hair, so it needs to be cleaned and moisturized regularly. It is also necessary to monitor her health and visit the veterinarian regularly.
Overall, the Chinese Crested is a unique dog breed that can be recommended for those looking for a friendly and intelligent dog with a unique appearance.