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Chien d'arrêt frison race de chien - photos et description

Photos de la racePhotos de la race

Chien d'arrêt frison

Principales caractéristiques de la race

Se soucier:Besoin de soins réguliers
Mue:Jeter modérément
Le besoin d'activité:Besoin de beaucoup d'activité physique
Tolérance à la solitude:Modérément dépendant
Type de laine:Moyen
Convivialité envers les étrangers:Peut montrer de l'agressivité
Intelligence:Intelligence adaptative
apprentissage:Facile à apprendre
Spécialisation:Chasse, Compagnons
Tendance à aboyer:Ils aiment aboyer

The Stabyhoon is a breed of dog that was created by crossing Belgian Shepherds and German Shepherds. These dogs have a compact build, long muzzle and floppy ears. They are highly active and energetic, making them excellent companions for active people.
Stabyhoons are very smart and easily learn commands. They are also very loyal to their owners and are ready to protect them in any situation. However, due to their activity and energy, they can be noisy and require a lot of attention.
These dogs are great for families with children and other animals as they are very friendly and patient with other animals. They can also be good guards and protectors.
Overall, the Stabyhoon is a wonderful dog breed that has many positive qualities and can make a great companion for anyone.

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