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Missing cats (lostie) in the city Fayzabad, Badakhshan, Afghanistan

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Found Пушок
Distance: 580,442 м
Nickname: ПушокDetails ...
Found Тима
Distance: 583,281 м
Color: BlackNickname: ТимаDetails ...
Found Борис,British shorthair
Distance: 586,410 м
Breed: British shorthairNickname: БорисDetails ...
Found Гуччи
Distance: 588,038 м
Color: GingerNickname: ГуччиDetails ...
Distance: 589,797 м
Breed: BengalColor: бежевыйDetails ...
Found Соня
Distance: 643,545 м
Color: ChinchillaNickname: СоняDetails ...
Distance: 644,889 м
Details ...
Found Мелисса
Distance: 754,166 м
Color: Grey stripedNickname: МелиссаDetails ...
Found Эльза
Distance: 848,996 м
Color: Grey stripedNickname: ЭльзаDetails ...
Found Бони,Scottish straight
Distance: 860,333 м
Breed: Scottish straightColor: BlueNickname: БониDetails ...
Found Федя
Distance: 863,464 м
Color: Grey stripedNickname: ФедяDetails ...
Found Яша
Distance: 864,596 м
Color: Grey stripedNickname: ЯшаDetails ...
Distance: 865,724 м
Breed: PersianColor: Blue-pointDetails ...
Found Оззи
Distance: 866,316 м
Color: BlackNickname: ОззиDetails ...
Found,British shorthair
Distance: 869,076 м
Breed: British shorthairColor: BlueDetails ...