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Missing dogs (lostie) in the city Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan

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Found fawn
Distance: 1,269,618 м
Nickname: fawnDetails ...
Found Jackey
Distance: 1,274,893 м
Nickname: JackeyDetails ...
Found Brown
Distance: 1,275,275 м
Nickname: BrownDetails ...
Found,Siberian Husky
Distance: 1,279,770 м
Breed: Siberian HuskyColor: Black and whiteDetails ...
Distance: 1,285,416 м
Breed: MalteseColor: WhiteDetails ...
Distance: 1,436,899 м
Color: GingerDetails ...
Found cucu
Distance: 1,441,283 м
Color: GingerNickname: cucuDetails ...
Found Yogi
Distance: 1,472,524 м
Color: BrownNickname: YogiDetails ...
Found Muksi
Distance: 1,611,396 м
Nickname: MuksiDetails ...
Found,Russian Spaniel
Distance: 1,699,050 м
Breed: Russian SpanielColor: белый, с коричневыми ушками и вкраплениями на телеDetails ...
Found Лайма
Distance: 1,705,215 м
Color: Black and whiteNickname: ЛаймаDetails ...
Found,Airedale Terrier
Distance: 1,706,640 м
Breed: Airedale TerrierColor: BrownDetails ...
Found Алыпсок,German Shepherd
Distance: 1,833,718 м
Breed: German ShepherdColor: Black and TanNickname: АлыпсокDetails ...
Found Зевс,Labrador Retriever
Distance: 1,919,424 м
Breed: Labrador RetrieverColor: BrownNickname: ЗевсDetails ...
Found Тэдди,метис
Distance: 1,956,091 м
Breed: метисColor: черный с подпаломNickname: ТэддиDetails ...