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Missing animals (lostie) in the city Гамбеле, Gambella Region, Ethiopia

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Found Dikmen
Distance: 2,084,701 м
Color: Grey stripedNickname: DikmenDetails ...
Found,Jack Russell Terrier
Distance: 2,444,420 м
Breed: Jack Russell TerrierDetails ...
Found cucu
Distance: 2,604,431 м
Color: GingerNickname: cucuDetails ...
Distance: 2,609,355 м
Color: GingerDetails ...
Distance: 2,609,508 м
Color: GingerDetails ...
Found Siza,Boerbul-Labrador Mix
Distance: 2,710,363 м
Breed: Boerbul-Labrador MixColor: BrindleNickname: SizaDetails ...
Distance: 2,717,863 м
Details ...
Found Khloé,Chow Chow
Distance: 2,718,979 м
Breed: Chow ChowColor: GingerNickname: KhloéDetails ...
Distance: 2,721,905 м
Details ...
Distance: 2,722,927 м
Details ...
Found Brute
Distance: 2,725,157 м
Nickname: BruteDetails ...
Found Mouse
Distance: 2,730,260 м
Color: Black and whiteNickname: MouseDetails ...
Found Marley
Distance: 2,734,518 м
Nickname: MarleyDetails ...
Found Pati
Distance: 3,123,697 м
Nickname: PatiDetails ...
Found Σαλλυ,English Setter
Distance: 3,195,974 м
Breed: English SetterColor: WhiteNickname: ΣαλλυDetails ...