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Missing animals (lostie) in the city 和気, Okayama, Japan

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Found Мия
Distance: 1,800,771 м
Color: Grey stripedNickname: МияDetails ...
Distance: 1,803,787 м
Color: черепаховаяDetails ...
Found Буч
Distance: 1,807,173 м
Color: Red-and-whiteNickname: БучDetails ...
Distance: 1,807,734 м
Color: Черный-рыжийDetails ...
Distance: 1,809,465 м
Color: Black and whiteDetails ...
Found Oscar,shnauzer/poodle
Distance: 2,028,182 м
Breed: shnauzer/poodleNickname: OscarDetails ...
Found Тори,шотландская
Distance: 3,047,331 м
Breed: шотландскаяColor: Grey stripedNickname: ТориDetails ...
Distance: 3,051,276 м
Breed: домашняяColor: Grey stripedDetails ...
Found Няша,British longhair
Distance: 3,053,816 м
Breed: British longhairColor: WhiteNickname: НяшаDetails ...
Distance: 3,054,261 м
Breed: домашняяColor: TortoiseshellDetails ...
Found,Siberian Husky
Distance: 3,054,940 м
Breed: Siberian HuskyColor: Black and whiteDetails ...
Found,Labrador Retriever
Distance: 3,055,385 м
Breed: Labrador RetrieverColor: белый с рыжими ушамиDetails ...
Found Арчи,Labrador Retriever
Distance: 3,056,528 м
Breed: Labrador RetrieverColor: BlackNickname: АрчиDetails ...
Found Тео,Poodle
Distance: 3,150,844 м
Breed: PoodleColor: WhiteNickname: ТеоDetails ...
Found,Russkiy Toy
Distance: 3,880,186 м
Breed: Russkiy ToyDetails ...