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Missing cats (lostie) in the city Ölgii, Bayannuur, Mongolia

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Found,Maine coon
Distance: 535,614 м
Breed: Maine coonColor: TortoiseshellDetails ...
Distance: 538,175 м
Details ...
Found,Oriental Shorthair
Distance: 538,444 м
Breed: Oriental ShorthairColor: ChocolateDetails ...
Found Заяц
Distance: 542,737 м
Color: WhiteNickname: ЗаяцDetails ...
Distance: 543,708 м
Color: Grey stripedDetails ...
Found Рыжик
Distance: 544,015 м
Color: Red-and-whiteNickname: РыжикDetails ...
Found Томасик,домашняя
Distance: 544,753 м
Breed: домашняяColor: Grey stripedNickname: ТомасикDetails ...
Found Ганнибал
Distance: 545,351 м
Color: BlackNickname: ГаннибалDetails ...
Found Филя
Distance: 545,594 м
Color: ChinchillaNickname: ФиляDetails ...
Found Василиса
Distance: 546,332 м
Color: Black and whiteNickname: ВасилисаDetails ...
Found Люся,ориентальная
Distance: 563,989 м
Breed: ориентальнаяColor: серая с белымNickname: ЛюсяDetails ...
Distance: 569,373 м
Breed: домашняяColor: Grey stripedDetails ...
Distance: 650,876 м
Color: TortoiseshellDetails ...
Found Мася
Distance: 654,331 м
Color: Grey stripedNickname: МасяDetails ...
Distance: 655,608 м
Breed: сиамскаяDetails ...