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Missing dogs (missing), United States of America

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Missing Moly,Chihuahua
Distance: 5,436,333 м
Breed: ChihuahuaColor: Red-and-whiteNickname: MolyDetails ...
Missing Maisie,Bichon Frise
Distance: 5,586,329 м
Breed: Bichon FriseColor: WhiteNickname: MaisieDetails ...
Missing Daisy,Cairn Terrier
Distance: 5,586,379 м
Breed: Cairn TerrierColor: Black/ Grey/ WhiteNickname: DaisyDetails ...
Distance: 5,586,422 м
Breed: MongrelColor: Black and whiteDetails ...
Distance: 5,666,228 м
Color: Black and whiteDetails ...
Missing,Springer Spaniel
Distance: 5,674,448 м
Missing: 8/18/2023, 3:30:20 PMBreed: Springer SpanielColor: Brown & WhiteDetails ...
Missing Red,French Bulldog
Distance: 5,692,249 м
Breed: French BulldogColor: ApricotNickname: RedDetails ...
Missing Alfredo,Indefinida
Distance: 5,703,750 м
Breed: IndefinidaColor: TRICOLORNickname: AlfredoDetails ...
Missing gigi,Pomeranian
Distance: 5,712,997 м
Breed: PomeranianNickname: gigiDetails ...
Distance: 5,715,682 м
Breed: PomeraniansDetails ...
Distance: 5,721,201 м
Color: Black and whiteDetails ...
Missing Oscar,Labrador Retriever
Distance: 5,729,816 м
Breed: Labrador RetrieverColor: BlackNickname: OscarDetails ...
Missing MAX,Baixote ( Teckel )
Distance: 5,750,515 м
Breed: Baixote ( Teckel )Color: PRETO AFOGUEADONickname: MAXDetails ...
Missing Kaya,Epagneul Japonês
Distance: 5,754,987 м
Breed: Epagneul JaponêsColor: Preta e BrancaNickname: KayaDetails ...
Missing stich,French Bulldog
Distance: 5,758,195 м
Missing: 8/18/2023, 12:56:19 PMBreed: French BulldogColor: BrownNickname: stichDetails ...